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Centralized intranet content and document management is one of the top requirements of our customers. Making it easy for employees to find, edit and revise documents on the intranet is fundamental to what most credit unions and banks are looking for in their intranet software.

Our built-in Content and Document Management encompasses the ability to perform multiple file uploads, enable versioning on documents, archiving of older documents and a document clean-up utility.

As your Financial Intranet grows so will your document repositories. It is therefore important to think about information architecture and long-term management of documents living on your intranet. Our Content and Document Management tools allows you to control versioning, archiving older content which is still relevant just not needed to be front and center, and an automated clean-up utility that will remove old content no longer applicable from the intranet.

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Intranet Connections Policy Management

Set and send automatic policy alert reminders to require policies are read and understood with read/agree confirmations on each policy.

Financial Intranet - Policy Review

Enable scheduled review processes that automatically notify policy owners when a policy needs to be reviews and updated.

Financial Intranet - Policy Management - Policy Versioning

Ensure employees access the most up-to-date policy with Policy Versioning, allowing employees to check-in or check-out policies.

Financial Intranet - Policy Management - Policy Manager Dashboard

Track and manage policy review dates, policies that need confirmation and policies you’ve confirmed to in an easy-to-read dashboard view.

Intranet Connections Clean-up and Archiving

Automate archiving and set scheduled clean-ups of your content to keep your Financial Intranet fresh, relevant and engaging.

Intranet Connections Library

Move management of your paper-based documents library online with library content categories and check in/check out published on your intranet.

Intranet Connections Tagging

Refine content search results for your employees through tagging content on your intranet with your own native terms and language to your financial firm.

Intranet Connections KB Articles

Provide self-learning and cross-training opportunities to your employees with a Knowledgebase Article Database.

Financial Intranet - Document Management Read and Agree

Ensure important policies or procedures are read and understood with Document Read and Agree confirmation and tracking.

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Intranet Testimonial

“Our time-cost savings since moving to Intranet Connections is incalculable for us. We have eliminated sending 15 to 20 company-wide emails daily and avoided recreating well over 850 documents on our intranet.

Talk about cost savings!”

Ryan Sonnenberg
PIMA Federal Credit Union