Encouraging Employee Communication and Leadership

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Communication and leadership within a bank or credit union can be an integral component of the overall success and productivity of your business. Top-down communication on your financial intranet allows for your CEO, President and other leaders to transfer mandates, mission statements, goals and values to the employees.

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Leadership Blogs

Blogging is a great top-down communication tool for leadership mentoring and to reinforce the company goals and vision. Blogs also offer collaborative input from employees that can promote conversation. You can also create blogs that serve not just an individual but a leadership team, allowing for more than one leader to contribute to the blog. Blogs can be public or private, so open them up to all employees or restrict who can view and participate.

Leadership Mentoring through Blogging

Communicate with staff through leadership blogging.

Informal Leadership Mentoring

Informal Leadership

Depending on your culture and desire to open up the lines of communication between managers, leaders and employees, utilizing the employee walls within the Employee Directory is a great way to leverage technology to not only get the word out from leaders to the entire credit union or bank, but to eliminate the hierarchical effect of the untouchable CEO. The wall is the one place where you can lead by example and leverage leadership mentoring. Get your leaders and managers to use their walls to post observations, share articles of interest, opinions on industry trends, kudos to goal success, embed TED videos, share their passion and encourage employees to converse through the wall. This one initiative can change your culture within the organization. A powerful use of your financial intranet to promote leadership mentoring.

Spreading the Cultural Word

Many of our customers use our built-in Content Pages to feature a brief history of the company, what the corporate values are and what the brand encompasses. It is a reminder to all employees to embody the brand and the values that make you special and stand out among your competitors.

Leadership Mentoring - Corporate Culture

Promote company values & corporate culture with Leadership Mentoring.