Measure & Test Knowledge with Online Tests

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Manually tracking and scoring tests can be time consuming and tedious. Revolutionize the way you facilitate employee testing utilizing Online Tests. Online Tests allow you to create and score tests on the spot. You can pull in managers, supervisors and department contacts for test submission review, tracking workflows and keeping historical references on submissions for later use.

Simply create a Online Test with a randomized bank of test questions and have employees quiz themselves and receive and automated scoring immediately after taking the test. See how Online Tests work, and if our Financial Intranet is right for your bank, credit union or other financial organization by requesting a FREE Demo of our Financial Intranet Software.

Easy-To-Use Online Tests

You can create Online Tests by simply dragging and dropping questions into the test from your question bank. Customize your Online Tests by choosing different questions and answers and displaying them in any order you’d like. Enter a score for each question and indicate what score the employee needs to get in order to pass and voila – you have a simple Online Test created in a matter of minutes! If only studying was that quick and easy…

Online Tests - Financial Intranet

Easy drag n’ drop test tool.

Randomized Question Banks with Online Tests

Quick test scoring and question properties.

Manage Questions with a Randomized Question Bank

You can manage your Online Tests questions by adding a question bank. Your question bank can be randomized each time an employee takes the test, ensuring that it is different every time. This also reduces the risk of employees memorizing answers or copying off a colleague. How many times can an employee take a test? That’s completely up to you! Your Financial Intranet allows you to choose how many times an employee can take the test as the randomized question bank will ensure no two tests are exactly the same.

Automate Test Scoring

Immediately after taking the test, an employee  can receive their score. Each question carries a score (designated by you) at the time the test is created. Online Tests allows for automated scoring to enable employees to review their answers and see where they were correct and incorrect. From there, employees can decide to retake the test with a fresh set of questions.

Automated Online Test Scoring

Automatically score tests and display results.