Ensure Workflow Approvals with Automation

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Use workflows in your bank, credit union or financial organization to ensure business processes are executed in a timely manner. You can further improve time cost-savings by automating workflows. Automatically notify top management and executives of decisions pending their approval using Automated Approval Workflows on your Financial Intranet.

Simply create an Online Form, you can select approval managers for each form to receive notifications that alerts them when a form requires their approval. You can also add the option to escalate the form to an additional approval manager. Submission information and approval status is saved so you can simply review the details later. If you would like to see how Automated Approval Workflows can improve productivity and efficiency at your financial organization, request a FREE 21-Day Financial Intranet Trial.

Get Approval Quickly

You can add approval stages and approval managers to any Online Form using E-Forms & Workflows. Simply add specific users or designate manager roles for approval, such as the branch manager – and voila! Each time an E-Form is filled out that needs the branch managers approval, he/she will be notified. You can also include the option to require an additional approval manager based on certain triggers. For example, for a financial organization with multiple locations, a trigger can be “location”, and based on which location they select, the CEO and corresponding branch manager can receive the submitted Online Form.

Add Approval Managers to Online Forms

Designate Approval Managers for Online Forms.

Automated Approval Workflows on your Financial Intranet

Escalate Approval Workflows

You have the option to escalate approval decisions to the approval manager’s supervisor, set in the Online Form Workflow Advanced Options, to trigger on a case-by-case basis, such as when a expense approval exceeds $10,000. This allows specific business cases to be automated and routed to the escalated party without the need for a manual review of these Online Form submission to check if it meets the escalation criteria. These advanced Automated Workflow options can yield significant time and resources savings for your financial organization.

View Workflow History

Whenever an Online Form has been submitted, you have the option of going back and checking the approval status on any Online Forms still pending approval. You can also view the history of any and all Online Forms submitted for approval from a user, manager or administrator’s perspective.

Automated Approval Workflow History

View Online Forms pending approval.