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When you look at bank intranets, typically the central application is the Employee Directory.  Mature intranets have robust directories where you can quickly access information about your team members and other employees within the credit union or bank.

We took that concept one step further by adding in social collaboration tools to our Employee Directory and by using our unique Mega Menus to feature employees and teamwork. This results in a Financial Intranet that works with your employees, for members and strengthens your processes. Discover a Financial Intranet that was built for banks, credit unions and financial firms to strengthen employee communications and cross-branch collaboration with a Free 21-Day Financial Intranet Software Trial.

Intranet Connections Employee Directory

Connect simply with all employees through Employee Directory with easy employee look up and custom Status Updates, Skills Tagging and more.

Intranet Connections Employee Workspace

Enable employees to create their own workspace featuring: Employee Milestones, Alerts & Subscriptions, Page Bookmarks & more.

Intranet Live Chat

Give your employees instant access to the answer they seek with live intranet chat throughout your organization.


Provide easy access check a employee’s role, who they report to and who reports to them in a simple view on your intranet.


Go mobile with your intranet to gain instant access to Employee Directory, Quick Intranet Search and Mobile Collaboration.

Intranet Connections Support Desk

Track and centralize your help desk ticketing on your intranet with easy access to: technician assignment, ticket status, ticket history and more.

Intranet Connections Employee Recognition

Empower your employees to recognize hard work with Employee Recognition on your intranet through employee nominations.

Intranet Connections Microsoft Outlook Calendars

Pull and export Microsoft Outlook Exchange mailbox calendars to and from your Financial Intranet and aggregate onto one calendar view.

Intranet Connections Social Intranet

Improve communications with employee networking tools: Message Boards, Follow Colleagues, Status Updates & more.

Events Sites on the Intranet

Manage your next company event straight from your Financial Intranet by creating an Event Site.

Employee Message Boards - Intranet Software

Post questions, start conversations or share knowledge with Employee Message Boards on your Financial Intranet.

Page Bookmarks in Employee Workspaces

Quickly access and organize your favorite pages, sites and resources on or off the intranet by creating personalized bookmarks.

Follow Colleagues Social Intranet

Follow team members, managers or other users to stay current on their comings and goings with their colleagues activity stream.

Status Updates Social Intranet

Employees can share updates on when they are in/out of the office, what they are working on, return to office dates and future away dates.

Employee Skills Tagging Social Intranet

Search for employees based on specific skills, such as First Air Certified, PMP Certification or PSP Credentials using Skills Tagging.

Employee Workspace Financial Intranet

Provide employees with a personalized, individual workspace on your Financial Intranet that are only visible by the employee.

Employee Milestones Social Intranet

Celebrate employees by featuring important milestones, such as a work anniversary or birthday, on the home page, subsite or mega menu of the intranet.

Alerts & Subscriptions Financial Intranet

Subscribe to areas of interest on the intranet, such as new posts/content, message board comments or status updates, to receive email notifications when updated.

Featured Employee Feed Financial Intranet

Feature employees on the home page or other area of the intranet for celebrating a special achievement or introducing new hires.

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Intranet Testimonial

“Our time-cost savings since moving to Intranet Connections is incalculable for us. We have eliminated sending 15 to 20 company-wide emails daily and avoided recreating well over 850 documents on our intranet.
Talk about cost savings!”

Ryan Sonnenberg
PIMA Federal Credit Union