Engage with Personalized Employee Profiles

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Allowing employees to tailor the intranet to their needs is an excellent way to increase employee engagement, but this must be done in a safe and secure manner. Let employees update their skills and interests in employee profile, but keep specific fields (like picture and title) locked down. Employees can also customize the intranet to their own needs using employee workspace, but you can still ensure everyone sees the same information when the first log in.

Intranet Connections’ years of experience serving the financial industry ensures you have the right tools to choose the correct level of openness versus security for your intranet. Learn more by requesting FREE FREE Financial Intranet demo.

Employee Workspace

Unlike the home page of the intranet, an employee’s workplace is private, and completely customizable by the employee. Employee Workspaces cannot be seen by other users, so there is no risk in allowing users to customizes this space as much as they would like. Enabling workspaces allows employees to be more productive, pulling just the information most relevant to their tasks. They can create bookmarks to frequently used pages, add notes using message boxes, upload pictures, and even choose to be informed when specific content changes in the intranet. Because security rights are enforced by asset, not by which widgets are added, allowing employees to customize their workspace does not compromise security.

Personalize your Employee Profile

Personalize your own Employee Workspace.

Find Employees by Skills Tagging

Skills Tagging

Filtering employees by department or position is a quick and easy way for employees to find each other. Why not take it one step further with Skills Tagging? You can use Skills Tagging to identify employees in your bank, credit union or other financial firm based on their skills, such as “First Aid Certified”, “PMP Certified” or “French Speaking”. To add an element of fun, some of our financial customers use Skills Tagging for social things like whose “Willing to Carpool” or “Corporate Running Club”,  which is beneficial for finding a buddy to seek out when onboarding new employees.

Page Bookmarks

Utilizing Page Bookmarks you can share, bookmark, print or email content. Choosing to share content allows users to promote valuable content from any area of your financial intranet to colleagues. This captures a link and a snippet of text on what the page is about. All the user has to do is open a Message Box and select who they want to send the content to – and we do the rest! The content will be published on the employees Message Board.

Bookmark Content on your Employee Profiles

Share valuable content with Page Bookmarks.

Subscribe to Alerts on your Employee Profile

Alerts & Subscriptions

With Alerts & Subscriptions you can subscribe to content that is published throughout the intranet. Whenever content is new, or updated, you will receive an alert on your Employee Profile. To ensure your alert won’t go unnoticed, you can adjust your preferences to have it sent directly to your e-mail inbox. Subscribing to content can be done by either clicking on the Toolbox icon located at the top right of each application or from the ‘manage subscriptions’ area within your employee profile.

Alerts can be set by an employee, or built into the application process so alerts will automatically be received by employees with, or without, a subscription. Some of the key applications that utilize auto-subscriptions are (if applicable) any review date reminders on content you have published, alerts to notify you someone has commented on content you have published, a status update on Support Desk tickets you submitted, and on any wall alerts you created.