Retain Employees with Employee Recognition

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More and more businesses are faced with the growing concern of retaining top talent. Luckily, Intranet Connections has your financial institution covered with the Employee Recognition application. This application allows your employees to nominate colleagues for a job well done. Not only does the Employee Recognition application improve employee retention, it also helps with employee engagement, boosting morale and shifting company culture.

Have employees nominate each other for public recognition on your Financial Intranet, or lock it down so only managers and executives can nominate employees. You can also set it up so that each nomination has to go through an approval process before being published. Start improving employee retention at your credit union, bank or other financial institution today by requesting a FREE demo of our Financial Intranet.

Public Pat on the Back

Publicly recognize employees on your Financial Intranet for outstanding work with Employee Recognition. Perhaps your CSR went out of his/her way assisting a customer – recognize that employee for a job well done by nominating them. The Employee Recognition application displays the nominator, nominee and the reason for being nominated. This allows employees to quickly view who has been nominated for what and offer their own verbal “pat on the back” next time they see them, creating a positive boost in morale.

Publicly Recognize Employees

Recognize & nominate employees on outstanding performance.

Boost Morale with Employee Recognition

Shift Culture & Expectation

As employees start to notice their colleagues being nominated on the Employee Recognition application, they will be inspired to go above and beyond to receive a nomination of their own. In doing so, employees will start offering better customer service, or helping colleagues out more, or ensuring things are always done on time.

Retain Top Talent

Make accessing the Employee Recognition application easy by adding an Application Feed to your intranet home page to pull out the most recent nominations. Or simply include a Message Box with a clickable image directing employees to where they can nominate a colleague for Employee Recognition. Making it easy to recognize employees will encourage more nominations. More nominations leads to happier employees who are more satisfied at work and less likely to leave.

Employee Recognition Retains Employees

Retain top talent with Employee Recognition & appreciation.