Engage, Communicate & Inform with Enterprise Networking

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Often referred to as an enterprise social network, the modern intranet is a platform for employees to collaborate, participate and communicate. Your Financial Intranet comes with built-in Enterprise Social Networking tools that you can use to encourage business goals, communicate company vision and culture, and improve customer service.

At Intranet Connections, we give you the option to integrate social features slowly at your own pace. You have the control to have as much or as little social Enterprise Networking as you’d like. Unsure about if you want or don’t want Enterprise Social Networking tools? You can control who uses social networking if you want to begin with pilot groups. See our Enterprise Social Networking tools in action by requesting FREE Financial Intranet demo.

Communicate with Message Boards

Every employee has Message Boards, allowing users to post comments, ask questions, seek advice or have full conversations through the Employee Directory on your Financial Intranet. Leadership can utilize Message Boards by sharing company goals and supporting cultural change. To ensure proper usage, each Message Board has an area for guidelines to be posted by the intranet administrator. You can let everyone contribute to Message Boards freely, or lock it down to only management sending messages to staff.

Enterprise Social Networking with Message Boards

Communicate & collaborate with Message Boards.

Enterprise Social Networking with Follow Colleagues

Follow Colleagues with Enterprise Social Networking

If you find the content being posted by a certain employee valuable, you can follow that employee to see all content they post, as well as the content being posted to their Message Board. The Follow Colleagues feed allows you to stay up-to-date on what they are posting and interact with their posts. You can follow any employee whether it be from your department, a different department, an executive or your office mate.

Stay Informed with Status Updates

Stay informed on the comings and goings of all employees with Status Updates included in your Enterprise Social Networking on your Finance Intranet Portal. Status Updates allows users to share what it is they are working on or their in/out status. You can keep track of where employees are through your Financial Intranet as Status Updates displays if the employee is in the office, or out of office. Status Updates also lets you provide a reason for your absence such as attending a conference, out sick or on a vacation. If you know you are going to be out of office, you can pre-set future away dates and return dates for further automation so that the entire organization is aware and in the loop.

Enterprise Social Networking with Status Updates

View whether a colleague is in or out of the office.