Organize & Connect with Employee Org Chart

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It’s important to know the right contact within your Financial Organization the can make things happen. You can easily find and connect with people through the Employee Directory, but viewing an entire department and its employee hierarchy can help you identify who has the answer you seek. The Organization Chart on your Finance Intranet does just that!

The Organization Chart on your Financial Intranet gives you an at-a-glance display of supervisor and manager relationships. Looking for an executive to spearhead the Community Site for  this years Run For The Cure? Simply search for employees in the Employee Directory and use the built-in Organization Chart to uncover who in that department is the best contact. Discover how the Organization Chart can better connect your employees by requesting FREE Finance Intranet demo.

Visually Display with Organization Chart

The Organization Chart displays which department an employee belongs to and who they report to at-a-glance with a single click of the mouse. You can access the employee to manager relationship through the Employee Directory by clicking their

Employee Organization Chart

View which department an employee is in and who they report to.

Organization Chart - Manage Employee Relationships

Manage & Maintain Relationships

Manage and maintain employee to supervisor relationships efficiently with the Organization Chart. You can manually set who report to whom, or make it simple by importing relationships from the robust Employee Directory. The Organization Chart makes it simple to add new employees with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Find the Right Organization Contact

The Organization Chart provides a way for you to contact anyone in a specific department, allowing your employees to connect with multiple people promptly. Whether its Marketing, IT or Sales, you can select who it is you wish to connect with and receive the option to e-mail them directly, post on their Message Board, Live Chat or Follow Colleague directly from the Organization Chart. This is a great tool for those in larger Financial Organizations, such as banks, with several departments and several branches/locations.

Organization Chart - Connect Employees

Connect with an employee in a specific department.