Organize Employees with Outlook Calendar Sync

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Keep users organized and up-to-date with Outlook Exchange Calendar Synchronization. Outlook Calendar Sync makes it easy to tie mailbox calendars to your Financial Intranet. You have the option to pull from one, or multiple mailboxes and then display their contents in widgets on your Financial Intranet home page or department sites.

Outlook Calendar Sync is a great way to tell your credit union, bank or another financial firm about corporate events, community events, meetings, office closures, or even as a resource for booking meeting rooms. See Outlook Calendar Sync in action by requesting a FREE Financial Intranet demo.

Customize Your Calendar View

You have the ability to customize your calendar view to display only events occurring today, or as a list displaying up to a certain amount of days to your choosing. You can customize your calendar further by turning certain options on or off, such as displaying the location of the event or meeting. With Outlook Calendar Sync, your users will be up-to-date on everything happening at the office all in one central location on your Financial Intranet.

Customize Outlook Calendar Sync

Customize your calendar to display daily, weekly or monthly events.

Determine Outlook Calendar Sync Intervals

Determine Sync Intervals

You can determine your Outlook Calendar Sync interval in your mailbox settings. You can choose to set it to monthly, weekly, daily or to your own customer time interval. Pull in mailboxes with different sync intervals and display them on a single calendar on your Financial Intranet home page, ensuring your users never miss a thing.

Organize with Color Codes

It can get a little confusing when pulling in multiple Outlook Exchange Calendars into one calendar on your Financial Intranet. To avoid this confusion, it is beneficial to separate the two calendars using the color code feature. This allows you to display all events on one central calendar while keeping things clear, concise and organized.

Differentiate Outlook Calendar Sync with Colors

Separate multiple calendars into color codes.