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Our average financial customer has tens of thousands of items on their intranet that need to be searchable. These include people, policies and procedures, events, forms, announcements and training sessions. When you don’t know the exact name of an item, there can be hundreds of search results. Being smart in how we return search results is key in providing a good user experience.

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Visual Intranet Search

Our search results page is easy to understand. For each search result, we display just the title, intranet location, last modified date, and either the short description for the item, or snippet of content where the search term was found. This makes scanning the results list fast and simple for employees. Displaying the full folder path in the intranet location makes finding results easier. For example, if a Teller searches for “loan application” and there are multiple results, they can quickly see if the document is in the “Commercial Account” or “Personal Account” folder.

If an employee isn’t exactly sure which document they are looking for, a quick visual is all it takes to confirm they have the correct item. With Display Cards, users get a visual display of any item they have searched for. Display Cards acts as a visual confirmation when the search result title or description isn’t informative enough. Similar to popular search engines, when users search for an item a visual Display Card appears along side the search results on the right-hand side of the screen.

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employee display cards

Employee Display Cards

Quickly previewing employee information and contacting employees on your Finance Portal is made easy with Display Cards. You can simply search for an employee by first or last name, click the “People” option on Search Filters and you are presented with a list of employees matching your search name. For easy access, each Employee Display Card has quick action links allowing employees to quickly access the Employee Profile, compose an email, review Status Update, Impersonate the User (if Intranet Administrator) and more.

history of the intranet ebook

History of the Intranet eBook

Discover the History of the Intranet, an over two decade long journey from a static webpage by downloading our ebook.