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Let’s face it, searching on your intranet can be a frustrating experience when you cannot find the document, form, application or page you seek. Make your intranet search less complicated and guarantee accurate search results with Search Filters. Search Filters can help you and your employees narrow down your search quickly and with precision. Use a single Search Filter to refine your search or multiple filters to get exact results.

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Search Filters for Common Terms

By default, search results will be returned from an entire search of your Financial Intranet. As a result, your search may return an overwhelming list of items, depending upon the depth and breadth of your content. If a search term is common and too many results are returned, you can quickly filter results using Search Filters simply with one click. Search Filters ensures users can define their results based on the type of content they seek. For example, if you search for “cook”, you can click the “People” Search Filter and only people with the first or last name “cook” will be returned.

search filters - people

search filters

Search by Content Type

Search Filters allow users to search based on the type of content they are looking for, whether it be a specific page, application or event. Simply type in your search term, and click the filter “Events” or “Applications” and the result in these categories will be returned and displayed within the top results. If you need further confirmation to find the right search result, view the Display Card to gain a visual confirmation of the content.

Advance Search Filters for Power Users

There is also a secondary set of Search Filters available under “Search Tools” within Enterprise Search for the intranet power user. This gives users the option to further restrict their search to any site, application, time, tag or author. From there, they have the option to define their search even further with more specific filters, such as items modified within the past week, day, or even hour. These Search Filters can be used individually or in combination with others for highly targeted search results.

advanced search filters

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