Gain External Access with an Extranet Portal

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Allow external users access to your Financial Intranet with an Extranet Portal. For users outside of your organization, you can set-up a sub-site completely accessible only to these users and re-direct them to login to the Extranet Portal. Grant these users full access to your Financial Intranet, or just portions of it.

You can assign as little or as much content access to the site for your Extranet Portal users while guaranteeing security of your sensitive internal information and data. See how having external access with an Extranet Portal can benefit your organization by requesting a FREE Guided Tour of our Financial Intranet.

Secure Sensitive Content

Your Extranet Portal users will not have the same security rights as your regular users. Ensure that your Financial Intranet content is secure by managing security settings directly from the Extranet Portal user’s profile. From there, you can decide what information you want them to have access to, and what information you’d like to keep hidden, ensuring your sensitive data never falls into the wrong hands.

Intranet Connections' Financial Intranet Extranet Security

Choose what content extranet users have access to.

Financial Intranet Extranet Portal

Create an Extranet Portal

You can create an Extranet Portal and have it be visible to only users who have been added to your extranet user security group. Include applications and widgets on the site relevant to only those Extranet Portal users. In addition, instead of seeing your main intranet home page when these users login, you can alter it so that they land on this sub-site home page.

Internal vs. External Login

Using mixed mode authentication allows your internal users and Extranet Portal users to access the intranet differently. Your internal users can continue to use the internal domain credentials to access your Financial Intranet while your extranet users use a form based login. This allows  your extranet users to have an Employee Profile within the People Directory or not.

Intranet Connections' Financial Intranet Extranet Portal Acces

Turn mixed mode authentication on for different login access.