Get the Best Support From IT on your Intranet

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The IT Department site is the backbone of most intranets. What IT seems to like most about their Financial Intranet Software is the smart delegation and automation utilities. This gives IT the opportunity to control the structure of the intranet but delegate management of various sites and applications to other departments.

The IT Department typically has a strong presence on the intranet as company employees are their customers. We have built an IT Department Site template that delivers IT alerts, provides a quick chat to support desk staff and offers an avenue for employees to log support tickets. Our unique Mega Menus for IT display the latest IT alerts and allows you to embed widgets such as the quick poll, for querying employees on how they rate the service and support they have received from the IT department.

Discover the many benefits of an IT Department Site on your intranet by requesting a free, personalized 20-minute financial intranet demo today.

IT Alerts

IT always has a need to push out alerts to employees regarding systems that are down for regular maintenance, or unscheduled emergencies. Use our IT Alerts application to do just that and get the word out, along with history tracking that helps for auditing purposes. Our Intranet Connections Financial Intranet Software also has a built-in flashing alert that can be used from the intranet to push notifications to employees company-wide during emergencies or troublesome virus attacks.

IT Support Desk Ticketing

Stay on top of your support tickets generated by employees of the bank or credit union. Track tickets by user, technician, due date and more.

Our Financial Intranet Software offers an IT Support Desk Ticketing app that is intuitive for employees and an easy to use approach for managing IT service and software/hardware issues submitted by employees through the intranet. Support Desk techs can be assigned to incoming tickets, and employees can track the status of their reported problem. We provide IT levels of flexibility and customization to tailor ticket forms, data flow and knowledge transfer to address an IT Department’s particular needs.

Best of all, our bank and credit union customers report that the Support Desk app on their financial intranets has streamlined and reduced calls to the IT Department, contributing to their overall ROI of the intranet.

IT Policy and Procedure

IT has responsibilities surrounding security, permissions and the management of all software, hardware and networks within the bank or credit union. Their presence on the intranet is often around supporting employees’ computer and printer problems, networking, telecommunications … IT has their hands full.

The IT Department Site can service employees but can also include apps just for IT’s use. Store technology policy and procedures on the IT Department Site including Administrative Access to LAN User’s Information, Data Handling Information, Electronic Data Protection Policy, Installation, Upgrades and Removal of Software Applications on bank and credit union computers and servers and Privacy for Electronic Information.

Like all applications that come with our Financial Intranet Software, you can create areas in apps and on sites that cater just to the department, or are available for all employees to browse and view.