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Create unlimited self-service sites for the various branches on your bank or credit union intranet. Each site you create can be used as a template for all other branches, with the same theme and application, or you can create specific sites for each branch with uniquely customized applications and its own design and color theme. Your intranet comes with a branch site template offering a Branch Team Page, Lunch & Learn Workshops and training registrations, as well as business and social applications like documents, policies, online forms, blogging and idea crowd sourcing.

Take a look through the sites we have created for you and create some of your own by requesting a free 21-day trial of our Financial Intranet Software.

The Branch Team Page

Feature team members from the branch by using this pre-built page template and simply change the widget properties. Feature status updates to show what the team is working on and where they are in the branch. Showcase bios of teams, set up quick-chats to branch staff and announce milestones such as who in the branch has an upcoming birthday.

Lunch and Learn Workshops

We used our popular Training Calendar Template to create a “Lunch and Learn Workshop” application for the Branch Site Template. This is just an idea for how you can use employee learning on your branch sites to offer courses, workshops and events to employees of the branch. As all of the apps that come with your Financial Intranet Software can be copied with one click of your mouse. You can use them anywhere, on any site and in any capacity.

Documents, Forms, News, Blogging

We took some of the more popular apps that come in our Financial Intranet Software and added them to the Branch Site Template. You can pick from our 24+ built-in apps, or create your own from scratch with our Application Builder tool. Push new content in these apps to your Branch Site homepage. You get all of the functionality of our apps in as many branch sites as you want to create.

101 Intranet Ideas Whitepaper

Branch Ideas

Employees in various branches most likely have ideas on how to better serve customers, suggestions on streamlining business activities, ways in which you could use the branch site to share resources, content and documents. For more ideas on intranet success be sure to download our free 101 Intranet Ideas eBook.