Improve Collaboration with Team/Department Sites

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Create Team/Department Sites on your Financial Intranet to manage and organize all of your different department resources and requests accordingly. Team/Department Sites increases communications and collaboration while offering the flexibility to accommodate requests and give every department, team or group their own dedicated workspace.

You can set different site owners for each of the Team/Department Sites to take the stress off managing an entire intranet off of the intranet admin using simple site delegation. See the collaborative Team/Department Sites in action by requesting a FREE Guided Tour through our Financial Intranet.

Team/Department Sites - Financial Intranet - Build Relationships

Build Relationships

By providing a central location on your Financial Intranet for specific departments to collaborate and communicate, Team/Department Sites is a great way for employees to build relationships. Team/Department Sites gives members a dedicated area to share ideas, brainstorm and have department discussions. Often, this promotes innovation and creativity among employees, ultimately engaging and retaining staff.

Determine Department Site Owners

Often, intranet administration falls into the hands of IT. Now, with simple site delegation, you can determine different department site owners on your Financial Intranet. For example, the Director of Marketing can be responsible for the ownership of the Marketing site, giving them the power to upload content, modify content, handle permissioning, manage calendars, etc. This makes managing your Financial Intranet much easier, and run smoother.

Simple Delegation - Team/Department Sites - Finance Intranet

Determine Department Site owners with simple delegation.

101 Intranet Ideas Whitepaper

Branch Ideas

Employees in various branches most likely have ideas on how to better serve customers, suggestions on streamlining business activities, ways in which you could use the branch site to share resources, content and documents. For more ideas on intranet success be sure to download our free 101 Intranet Ideas eBook.