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One of the top requirements for our customers is centralized intranet Document Management. This feature makes it easy for employees to find, edit, and revise documents which is a must in the fast-paced healthcare industry.

As your Healthcare Intranet grows, so will your document repositories. Because of this, it is important to think about your long-term document management and information architecture. This is why our built-in Content Management is extremely useful and valuable. It includes the ability to perform multiple file uploads, enable versioning on documents, archive older document, and a document clean-up. Our Content Management tools also allow you to control revisioning, archive older content that is still relevant but no longer needs to be front and center, and automate a clean-up function that will remove old content that is no longer applicable.

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Content Management Made Easy

Healthcare Intranet - Content Management

With full-text document indexing and nesting document folder structures, you can easily upload and maintain all your healthcare documents on your intranet.

Healthcare Intranet - Document Read and Agree

Quickly gain consent with read/agree confirmation functionality required on documents and policies with agreement tracking.

Healthcare Intranet Policy Management

Ensure required policies are read and understood with read/agree confirmation on each policy by setting and sending automatic policy alert reminders.

Corporate Intranet - Policy Manager

Track policy review dates, policies that need confirmation and policies you’ve read and agreed to in one easy-to-read dashboard.

policy review

Set up a scheduled review process that automatically notifies policy owners when a policy or procedure needs to be reviewed.

Intranet Connections Healthcare Intranet Clean-up and Archiving

Keep your Healthcare Intranet up-to-date, fresh, and engaging by setting scheduled content clean-ups and automated archiving.

Intranet Connections Healthcare Intranet Library

Manage and control your paper-based documents by moving it online with library content categories and include a check-in/check-out function on your intranet.

Intranet Connections Healthcare Intranet Content Tagging

Tagging content will refine content search results for employees with the use of your own native language and terms used by your healthcare organization

Intranet Connections Healthcare Intranet KB Articles

Your Knowledgebase Article Databse will provide your employees with self-learning and cross-training opportunities.

Set Content Security Settings on your Healthcare Intranet

Secure content on your intranet with permissioning levels by role, by group or by user which controls finding, accessing and even editing content.

policy review

Streamline content approval with workflows that redirect content editing and approvals from author to editors to reviewers automatically.

Policy Versioning on Intranet

Ensure IT isn’t the only party with publishing permission with content publishing delegation to allow other departments publishing permissions.

Policies, Reviews & Clean-up

Organized Document Management on your intranet requires much more than just putting content into different folders. It includes policy management, permissions management, document tracking, content provisioning, and content clean-up. All of this can be done with your Intranet Connections Healthcare Intranet Software through the Documents & Policies application. You can schedule review processes, automated document read confirmation, granular security permissioning, content archiving and cleanup, and much more.

Try it yourself and see how easy it is to set-up and use our Content Management and Document Management tools – Request an Interactive Healthcare Intranet Product Demo with one of our Product Specialists.

Healthcare Intranet Archiving

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