Streamline Content Approval with Workflows

Content Approval Workflows 2017-09-15T09:47:32-07:00

Content Approval Workflows enable authorized users to edit content which is then sent to approving authors in real time.

Eliminating the need for emails repetitive emails, and reducing the risk of human error, Content Approval Workflows improves employee efficiency. Changes are also tracked, identifying which authors changed content on which dates, and archiving previous versions. Sign up for a guided tour of Intranet Connections’ healthcare intranet to learn about all the automated workflows that can help to simplify your workday.

Keep Content Up To Date

Similar to taxes, content clutter is inevitable. Content Approval Workflows helps to mitigate clutter and ensure the content that is posted remains relevant and useful. Real-time notifications to approvers help authors get their content published more quickly than ever.

Content Approval Workflows

Ensure relevant content is published with approvals.

Content Approval Workflows Tracks Changes

Keep Track of Changes

Content Approval Workflows will notify the author whenever an adjustment to the content has been made. The author (or approver) will then have the opportunity to approve the changes before they are published. This ensures that content remains accurate and reduces confusion or human error. These changes are tracked to ensure accuracy and integrity.