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Content Publishing Delegation allows the site administrator to set permission levels allowing additional authors to contribute to content management. Alter permission levels based on individual user, folder, or department.

Rather than having just one employee with the task of constantly updating content, you can assign individuals or groups of users the ability to contribute with Content Publishing Delegation. Admins can be set with different permission levels, rangins from individual apps and folders, to department sites, to the whole intranet. Intranets have the tendency to accumulate outdated information. Learn how you can eliminate antiquated files and keep organized with a FREE guided tour of our Healthcare Intranet.

Assign Department Admins

Departments that use Content Publishing Delegation can have their own site administrator(s) assigned to the entire department, or to individual users. An example would be the wellness department. By assigning the site to an individual user, they are able to add, remove, edit or change any content within the wellness department site.

Content Publishing Delegation by User or Department

Content Publishing Delegation by App or Folder

Folder Level Content Publishing Delegation

Permissions for Content Publishing Delegation can also be adjusted to the app or folder level. The wellness department can grant individuals or all staff in the department the ability to edit content within a particular app or folder. This is useful in diversifying the responsibility of content updates while targeting areas of the site.

Non-Technical Users Can Edit

The IT department is already busy enough without having to worry about constant content updates for every department. With Content Publishing Delegation, non-technical users are able to contribute to content management. This eliminates steps in the process to getting content published and keeps information relevant.


Delegate Content Management to Multiple Users