Organize Policies & Procedures with the Policy Manager Dashboard

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Making sure policies, procedures or other important documents have been read by staff is crucial to your hospital, medical center or long-term care facility’s day-to-day operations. The Policy Manager Dashboard simplifies this process by confirming that these documents have been read and agreed to, as well as keeps them all in one central location for easy tracking later.

The Policy Manager Dashboard is accessible through Staff Directory and it displays all content that requires a read and agree, or review, all in an easy-to-read dashboard. To better organize and track your policies, procedures and documents with the Policy Manager Dashboard, request a one-on-one guided tour of our Healthcare Intranet.

Manage & Track Policy Review Dates

The Policy Manager Dashboard displays all policies, procedures and documents that have been created by you with a review date. This allows you to keep track of all your content that requires updating. Just choose a review date when you create the policy or procedure, and you will automatically be notified that you need to review the policy. This ensures all policies are properly updated to avoid employees accessing outdated information.

Finanical Intranet - Policy Management - Policy Manager Dashboard

Manage Policy Read and Agree

There will be a number of policies, procedures and documents that require you to read and agree to them. The Policy Manager Dashboard puts all of this content into one place so you can easily see what you need to read and agree to. The organized, easy-to-read dashboard view makes it simple to track and manage this content, especially if you are saving them for a later date.

Healthcare Intranet - Policy Manager Dashboard - Policy Confirmation

View Policies That Have Been Agreed To

You may have policies and procedures you have read and agreed to, but would like to take a look at them again for future reference. The Policy Manager Dashboard keeps all documents you have read and agreed to in a simple dashboard so that you have a history of all past policies and procedures. This is especially beneficial when it comes time to do an audit, as all past policies will be displayed in, and accessible from, the Policy Manager Dashboard.

Healthcare Intranet - Policy Manager Dashboard - Policy Read and Agree