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Our Healthcare Intranet provides a number of methods for improving employee productivity, one of which includes External Connections. Although an intranet is, by definition, an internal resource, you can dedicate space on your Healthcare Intranet for external contacts. Many healthcare clients out of the 160 we currently serve have found this extremely useful.

Intranet Connections’ Healthcare Intranet provides the tools to develop and maintain your External Connections through your Healthcare Intranet. It does this with the ability to log corporate contacts, create extranet portal, and deliver member services through your front-line staff and provide secure/anonymous access to untraditional intranet users.

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Healthcare Intranet Extranet Contacts

Provide detailed information regarding your external contacts on your Healthcare Intranet to allow employees to find the contact information they need.

Healthcare Intranet Extranet Portal

Provide exclusive access to a site dedicated to your Board of Directors by creating a Board of Directors’ Extranet Portal on your Healthcare Intranet.

Healthcare Intranet Patient Care Feedback

Our Healthcare Intranet Software has built-in tools for you to track, converse, collaborate and devise strategies to improve patient care for your healthcare organization.

Secure-Anonymous Healthcare Intranet Access

Not everyone that accesses your Healthcare Intranet may need a login, if you check local hospital stats, you can provide them secure/anonymous access free of hassle.

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Download our popular ebook The Top 10 Things to Look for in an Intranet to discover the 10 essential features to look for during your intranet search.


Intranet Testimonial

“I highly recommend Intranet Connections – we have been using them for years and their customer service is fantastic! Intranet Connections has really done so much to help us grow our intranet to make it the #1 spot for our employees to visit.”

Lauren Koller
Huntsworth Health