Provide Secure/Anonymous Access to your Healthcare Intranet

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You can provide access to your intranet for one-time users, such as seasonal employees, part-time employees, interns, temps, etc. using a combination of Secure and Anonymous Access (Secure/Anonymous Access). With Secure/Anonymous Access, a login is no longer required to access the public pages and assets in your Healthcare Intranet, perfect for temporary staff or student interns to access to your intranet without having to assign them an individual username. At the same time, full-time staff can still login in to access the private areas.

See how Secure/Anonymous Access can benefit your hospital, medical center, long-term care facility or other healthcare organization by requesting a personalized demo of our Healthcare Intranet.

Grant Access to Temporary Staff

For hospitals or medical centers, you may have many part-time staff, seasonal staff or student interns. Creating intranet logins for each of these temporary staff members is time consuming, but it is also important that they have access to the many resources made only available on your Healthcare Intranet. Secure/Anonymous Access enables temporary staff without a username to gain access to your intranet. 

Provide Secure/Anonymous Access

Enable anonymous access for temporary staff.

single secure user access on your Healthcare Intranet

Provide Time Limited User Access

In addition to part-time and seasonal staff, Secure/Anonymous Access is great for granting temporary access to the intranet for students or interns. An expiry date can be set for these temporary staff when their logins are created, so you don’t have to worry about remembering to revoke their access on the last day of their intern placement. This enables them to have complete access to intranet resources, but for a limited amount of time.  

Secure Sensitive Information

If there are areas of your intranet that contain sensitive or confidential information, such as patient records, you can use Secure/Anonymous Access to secure these parts of your Healthcare Intranet making them invisible to users. Locking down areas of the will hide them from basic users, but Super Administrators will still be able to see these areas. For example, the IT Department may secure content on their department page from anyone not in IT. 

Secure Content with Secure/Anonymous Access

Secure & lock-down content to specific users.