Track Site Stats to Measure Usage

Site Statistics 2017-09-15T09:47:30-07:00

Site statistics is a powerful tool with custom built dashboards for your healthcare intranet. Site administrators have the ability to track staff engagement on the site, from page popularity, down to specific user navigation. Useful information such as user login, browsing, content interaction and employee adoption rate can be used to improve the site and keep it organized and easily navigatable.

Are your staff keeping up to date with their certifications? Are the correct versions of standards, policies, and manuals being reviewed? With site statistics, viewing this valuable information is simple with customizable dashboards on user interaction. Be assured your site statistics are only viewed by users with the proper permission levels to ensure content security.

Staff Engagement Analytics

Easily access information on staff engagement on the main dashboard. Gage interaction levels on information sharing, and company-wide announcements. Here, high-level site statistics such as user login, site navigation, and popular content is displayed in a format that’s ready to be presented to management. The reports are also able to filter data down to more precise criteria such as user type, totals or time frame.

Problem Solving With Statistics

Ensure staff is kept up to date on certifications and training by accessing user logins, page popularity, and specific content interaction. Gain valuable insight on details regarding engagement by user in application categories, and to see who visited which pages and when. Identify areas that could use improvements, such as pages with low engagement levels.

Statistics Reporting

Site statistics have the ability to track and report staff engagement, and automatically generate reports. Find the top contributors in your organization, share dynamic adoption screenshots, create secure custom dashboards, view detailed activity logs, and create effective search terms all from insights from statistics. You can save the reports for later, or export them to a PDF or Excel document.