Staff Communications Connect The Entire Staff

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Offering staff conversations for structured and non-structured knowledge flow and feedback is one way in which our Healthcare Intranet Software can provide value to hospitals, hospices, end-of-life care facilities and medical centers. The following features come with your Intranet Connections Healthcare Intranet Software and are designed to facilitate conversation, knowledge and content sharing and connect the people behind the patients.

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Professionals Communication

Every professional on your healthcare intranet has a mini-card profile that follows them during their interactions with your healthcare intranet, including posted content.  Physicians who have posted articles, researchers who have published data, patient care initiatives contributed by clinical nurse specialists, updates on the wards posted by ward managers and new hospital hours revised by administrative staff, will all display a mini card of information about the author. Anyone in the hospital, hospice or medical center who is reading or requiring the information posted can launch communication with any of the contact icons attached to the mini-card. They can make a phone call, send an email, send a chat message or post a question on that staff member’s wall. This saves time as you do not have to go looking for what that local to dial to reach the maternity ward manager, or the pager number of a physician or the email address for Barbara in admitting.

Staff Walls and Information Share

The transfer of knowledge and information from every facet of healthcare staff can be critical to the functioning of the facility and its patients. The Staff Walls are part of the Staff Directory and is a non-structured flow of information, shared resources, feedback, question and answers, advice on current medical trends, recommending intranet data, articles, news, procedural courses, sharing a workshop on Topic Orthopaedics … there is no end to the sharing of content, information and knowledge that can take place in the free-flow format of Facebook-like walls.

Whether you are posting content on your own wall or a staff member’s wall, you have the full HTML editor with video embed which is a great way to share media on healthcare news, initiatives, TED talks and global headlines that affect all healthcare, opening a dialogue for stricter hospital and ward security.

Sharing Intranet Content

You can launch our “Share Content” feature through the toolbox from anywhere on your healthcare intranet.

The share content feature takes whichever intranet page you are on, creates a capture of the link, produces a snippet explaining what the page is about and then presents a popup box where you can write an intro to the content share, choose whose wall you want to post it on (cc option for posting on more than one staff member’s wall) and voila! We do the rest.

Content sharing is an excellent way for staff members to promote intranet content with one another, and gives them the participation element without giving them full author rights to publish content.

  • alert attending physicians about feedback on a new intern
  • send a workshop for Topic Orthopedics to a colleague
  • post a TED Talks video onto your wall that you found inspiring
  • share the latest in new age chemotherapy treatments
  • ask advice on how to post OT reimbursements

Top-Down Communication and Staff Participation

Top-down communication is still a vital role of the healthcare intranet. There are policies, procedures, facility news and updates, medical equipment manuals, monthly staff newsletters that can all be placed on the intranet for a one-stop experience that staff can rely on. Two-way communication and collaboration tools are also provided with your Healthcare Intranet Software to facilitate conversation, ideas, initiatives, improvements to patient care, process and even cafeteria meals! Our Healthcare Intranet offers pre-designed avenues for staff to communicate with one another, or for selected groups of nurses or board members, for example, to collaborate and share in private. Public or private conversations – it is all in your control and customization.

Our unique Mega Menus offer an added delivery of engagement to staff browsing the intranet. Mega Menus provide a better navigation structure that helps you to group and word navigational links so that it is highly intuitive to staff. We mix the traditional navigation links (grouped by headings) with informational widget boxes truly make our Healthcare Intranet Software stand out and deliver a best in class experience for your staff.