Find the Right Contact in the Staff Directory

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The Staff Directory and our unique Mega Menus help to feature doctors, nurses, orderlies, admitting and admin staff, residents, board of directors and even volunteers. A powerful tagging system can help to quickly and easily find the staff member with the right specialty, the ER doctor on call, or the person in charge of compiling data for occupancy and census records. This can ease overhead and speed productivity by delivery of the right people with the necessary information and knowledge.

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Find Doctors, Nurses, Interns and Admins

In no other industry do you find the importunate need to work together as you do in healthcare. The work performed by doctors, nurses, researchers, admin staff, volunteers and candy stripers helps save lives, brings in new life, heals patients and aids patients in making the transition in comfort for end-of-life care. Your healthcare intranet can help to bring teams together and give access to quickly find the person you are looking for. The central piece of this is the Staff Directory where you can find staff based on the wards they work in, their specialties, job titles, their location in the hospital, or their interest in fundraising and volunteer coordination. We offer you the tools to find staff quickly and communicate with them on your healthcare intranet.

Locate doctors who are mobile throughout the facility

As more and more healthcare staff are mobile with tablets and iPads, giving them online access to the intranet, including the use of our status updates and in/out feature becomes increasingly important.  This feature allows staff with mobility throughout your facility to easily change their status to notify all staff where they are in the building and how to locate them. Access to resources such as staff member contact details, knowledgebase articles, research articles and data is key to ensuring the intranet is an active participant in saving lives within your healthcare organization.

The Power of People Tagging

Anesthetics, obstetrics, trauma, research, grants, evidence-based medicine and specialties are all great examples of effective hospital tags you can use. Tagging gives our Staff Directory a powerful way to group healthcare staff by insights, expertise, attributes or relationships associated with people or data resources. This allows greater flexibility in finding the person you need with the right information than more traditional knowledge classification systems such as searching by categorization.

Our tagging structure is global, which means searching for tags within the global search box will include results from both staff members, as well as data resources across all sites on your hospital intranet which contain that specific tag. For example, you can do a global search for tags “melanoma” and “grants” to return staff members who handle grant applications for Oncologists and skin cancer research and treatments, as well as any documents, research data, articles, and physician-reviewed information about the tag melanoma in combination with the tag grant.

Staff Personalization

Every staff member has a unique profile on the intranet within the Staff Directory which can be seen by other staff members.  However, we have also added flexibility for the option to allow your staff to also use their profile as a work tool to personalize the experience in ways that help them the most. We provide self-provisioning tools and personalization spaces that allow staff to structure the information they want and need on their own private space, visible only to them and intranet admins.