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Your healthcare intranet can be an effective and efficient learning tool for the healthcare staff members within your organization.  Learning through the intranet starts with self-education, allowing staff to pace themselves based on their learning needs, clinical case load, time and interests.

The educational opportunities for healthcare are vast, both on your internal intranet and on the external web. Your healthcare intranet allows you to post research papers, articles, links to industry web sites and applications to gather the collective intelligence of your staff. Leverage the tools on your healthcare intranet to offer staff training and resources for learning that continue the efforts toward better patient care.

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Healthcare Intranet Intern Evaluations

Feedback to interns on problem identification, differential diagnosis, clinical reasoning, and patient skills as well as create quizzes for ongoing evaluation checkpoints.

Healthcare Intranet Tests

Facilitate tests online and automate scoring to check procedural understanding and policy compliance material.

Healthcare Intranet Online Tests & Scoring

Present different questions in different orders each time staff takes a test to ensure no two tests are the same with Randomized Question Banks.

Healthcare Intranet - Automated Test Scoring

Determine scoring weight for each question, as well as choose a pass or fail grade to display test results immediately with Automated Test Scoring.

Staff Online Training Calendar

Manage staff training online through the Online Staff Training Calendar with class reports, registrations and multi-session scheduling.

Online Training Calendar Registration

Manage current registrants, as well as waitlisted staff, with the user-friendly Online Training Calendar through a simple calendar interface.

intranet training scheduling

Manage multiple course sessions and allow staff to sign up for training sessions that spread out across multiple days.

intranet training reports

Track and run reports on who has registered for classes, who is currently waitlisted, or other class stats such as course completion.

Interactive Healthcare Tutorials

Provide step-by-step guidance to train staff to use your Healthcare Intranet through a simple Interactive Tutorial platform.

Intranet Online Surveys

Create online surveys to measure staff satisfaction, request feedback from staff and ask staff to measure patient satisfaction.

Healthcare Intranet Employee OnBoarding

Streamline, centralize and standardize your Employee Onboarding process with Online Forms, Online Tests and the Online Training Calendar.

Training Workshops and Classes

Improve your internal healthcare management by providing with tools to assist in continued professional development and medical education workshops for your staff and professionals. Offering continued training and procedural workshops enables staff to practice their knowledge and competencies in the face of new clinical discoveries as part of their fields. Our Healthcare Intranet includes a training and workshop management system to allow online registrations for attending workshops as well as streamlines/automates the attendance of continued education.

The Staff Training Calendar can be used to promote the upcoming workshops on the intranet and training and equipment review sessions for your healthcare facility. As a training administrator of the application, you can set the class sizes, wait list registrations, automated notifications, attendance and completion reports. For staff, nurses and doctors, the intranet provides a straightforward and simple experience of online registration that can be added to employees personal Outlook calendars.

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