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10 Ways We Improve Intranet ROI 2017-10-11T11:12:50-07:00


Reduce the time it takes for employees to find company documents by placing them all in a central location on the business intranet – with a unified, single advanced search and full-text searching.


Your business intranet can help to attract talent and keep them with you. Use the intranet to facilitate community and culture. Give employees the tools they look for in collaboration, networking and increased job satisfaction, then watch your turnover rate decrease – yielding significant intranet benefits.


Building a custom business intranet is expensive. Save money with business intranet software that is out-of-the-box. No contractors, developers or consultants. You can deploy quickly with minimal user training and you never have to worry about finding, building or maintaining new features and applications.


Reduce the management of your business intranet with Smart Delegation. Stop the bottleneck of restricted publishing and let everyone contribute themselves, rather than tying up an IT or HR person to publish content.


Automate and streamline the management of courses and student registrations by putting it all on the intranet in an online training calendar. Free up the time of a your training manager to focus on course material, video how-to’s and bring on new projects.


Retaining your employees’ knowledge beyond their employment in a FAQ or Knowledge Base application is a soft cost that may be hard to quantify but can provide huge gains for the company in the long run.


Create a leaner and more efficient IT help center by encouraging employee to use the business intranet Support Desk tool, where they can submit issues and track the status of their tickets.


Encourage employees to share cost-saving ideas for the company on your intranet with the Idea Share application.


Provide better service to your customers by arming your employees with streamlined information at their fingertips. Use various widgets from our 20+ widget library to keep employees up-to-date on Company News, Daily Tips, and current weather, along with current industry news through RSS feeds.


Pick pain points within the business (paper pushing, email overload, clunky workflows) and move these procedures onto your business intranet to reap the rewards of time cost savings.