16 Must Have Tools of a Content Management System

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16 Must Have Tools of a Content Management System

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Summary:  A content management system goes far beyond simple document storage. Check your intranet toolbox to make sure your organization’s document management software has your team set up for success.

One of the main functions of a successful intranet is to have a well-organized content management system. Going beyond a simple central repository to store documents, a proper content management system is structured to foster collaboration amongst your team, while keeping the correct documents up to date and simple to retrieve. Below we’ve listed 16 must-have features to simplify document management.

Document Management

Storage and retrieval of documents can easily slip from a simple concept into a disorganized nightmare. With multiple copies, misplaced files, mislabeled folders or outdated policies, a ton of headaches can be avoided by reorganizing documents into a robust content management system. Version control, scheduled review processes, author alerts, auto-archiving and red confirmation can save hours a week in your organization.

Document Review

You can’t let the content on your intranet go stale, however continuously making updates can be labor intensive and redundant. Keep content fresh and up to date with document review. Assign a specific user to be in charge of reviewing changes before they go live.

Document Read and Agree

Quickly gain consent, or disseminate important company updates by creating a ‘read and agree’ function on an up to date policy. Automatic notifications will go out to remind employees they need to review content.

Archiving and Cleanup

Keep your intranet lean by setting up an automatic clean up utility on events, company updates, blogs, and any other information with an expiration on their relevancy.  Keep your information stored in a separate archive, should they ever need to be browsed, shared, bookmarked or retrieved in the future. When documents and policies are constantly being updated, this is an incredibly handy tool to ensure your intranet is kept neat and up to date.

Policy Management

Policies are some of the most important documents on an intranet, especially for healthcare and finance customers. Set up a read confirmation for all employees when important updates to policies are made. Automatically

Policy Review

Keep policies stored in a central dashboard that tracks when policies need to be reviewed, take action when a policy has an upcoming review or is overdue, and ensure all policies have an assigned user to keep up to date.

Policy Versioning

Policy Versioning ensures only one person can make edits to a policy by checking it in and out.

Content Security

Secure the content on your intranet with permission levels. These can be assigned by role, group or user which controls finding, accessing and editing content.

Content Approval Workflows

Organize content approvals with a workflow which will redirect content editing and approvals from author to editors to reviewers automatically.

Content Publishing Delegation

Delegate content publishing to the department that owns the new content. This helps to keep content up to date without having to rely on IT.

Content Tagging

Improve relevancy of content search results to employees with search tagging, content tagging and social tagging on the intranet.


Measure engagement with different resources and content on the intranet by allowing commenting to receive direct feedback from employees.

Content Rating

Gain quick feedback on content with a simple rating system that shows thumbs up for “liked” content and thumbs down for “disliked” content.

Library Resources

Manage your traditional, paper-based content libraries of books, magazines, reference material and any paper resources online.

Knowledge Base

Create a single repository where employees can search out quick tips & tricks and how-to videos with an intranet knowledge base.


Asses which content has gone stale and see what’s most popular with site analytics.

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An organized, intuitive and efficient content management system is imperative to successfully organizing content. If your organization already uses an intranet solution, make sure it has all the applications on this checklist to ensure your company is set up for success. If you’d like to learn more about a content management system that would benefit your company, leave us a note below!

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