Credit Union Intranet: 100% Adoption & Satisfaction

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Credit Union Intranet: 100% Adoption & Satisfaction

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Being an intranet software provider, our goal is to discover new means of improving our solution to continuously deliver benefits to our customers. That is why we work closely with many of our 240 financial customers to understand which features they utilize or need most to accomplish their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

InTouch Credit Union joined our Intranet Connections family in 2011, sharing with us that our Credit Union Intranet spoke more to the unique needs of credit unions than other intranet software solutions they evaluated. This was a huge boost to our hardworking Intranet Connections Team and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share InTouch Credit Union’s intranet success with you!

The Right Fit for a Credit Union

InTouch Credit Union started searching for an intranet solution when employees found it difficult to locate information and documents on their internal static resource page. The organization was using a static website with numerous links and a directory that acted as a simple repository for information. This just wasn’t cutting it, so Tim McCoy, Vice President of Marketing & E-Commerce at InTouch Credit Union, and his team began evaluating intranet solutions. One of the intranet providers McCoy evaluated was SharePoint, saying:

“SharePoint had a lot to offer, but ultimately it didn’t fit our needs. It was far too expensive, not to mention the additional implementation and customization costs required. We wanted a platform that was easy to work with, but also provided the flexibility to add applications and other requirements as needed. While evaluating Intranet Connections, we noticed that it was built more for credit unions than other intranets we evaluated”.

Intranet Connections not only provided an intranet solution that better fit the needs of credit unions, but also delivered reliable, friendly technical support that SharePoint couldn’t match, ultimately leading to InTouch Credit Union purchasing an Intranet Connections’ Credit Union Intranet.

“There is no way that we would have been able to have the same conversations with SharePoint that we have had and could have with Intranet Connections. To this day, if there is something that we aren’t sure about, it’s so easy to pick up the phone and chat with the Intranet Connections Team”.

Improved Communication & Collaboration

Once the Credit Union Intranet was set-up, InTouch Credit Union migrated over 1,000 documents and moved all business processes and SOPs online. McCoy wanted the new intranet to be the go-to place for all resources and information since those were the areas employees were frustrated with previously. However, aside from just information and resources, InTouch Credit Union wanted the Credit Union Intranet to be the primary way employees communicated and collaborated.

To get the ball rolling, they started with a Name Our Intranet Contest, deciding on the name InSight, which increased employee engagement and intranet adoption almost immediately. From there, internal communications on InSight kept building with the addition of a blog from the CEO and COO, an Employee Recognition application called “The Throw Down” and a What’s New Feed, all located on the intranet home page. Meg Yates, Senior Marketing Representative at InTouch Credit Union, described the internal communications on the intranet by saying:

“Honestly, getting communications and information online has helped hold employees accountable being up-to-date with the latest news, policies and events at the Credit Union. InSight has reduced the frustration and time spent searching for information, making our employees more productive and informed. Overall, time management with Intranet Connections is better for all employees!”

Organized Document Management

Due to the lack of organization with InTouch Credit Union’s previous “intranet”, there was difficulty guaranteeing that employees were using the latest version of a policy, form or document prior to Intranet Connections. The Credit Union Intranet eliminated this concern with Version Control, built directly into the intranet for every file uploaded. Only documents accessed from InSight are considered in compliance, which assures all employees are accessing the same, most up-to-date documents. Yates explained:

“This simple policy of only having employees access and use documents that are stored on the intranet has eliminated any rogue, out-of-date documents from being used at the Credit Union. It also has saved our employees hours of time, not having to locate and confirm they are using the right version of each document. Every employee knows where to go to find the only approved version of our documents, policies and forms – they are all on the intranet”.

Immense Time-Savings

In addition to improved internal communications and more organized document management, InTouch Credit Union has experienced an immense time-savings with since implementing InSight. By delegating intranet administration to individuals who use it most, such as HR and Marketing, the IT Department has been able to save countless hours. Yates shared:

“Managing our old static intranet page and document repository was very time consuming. We had a ton of links that needed to be updated and everything was filtered through the IT Department. With Intranet Connections, we’ve delegated to departments to own their own documents, forms and sites, and now Marketing is the owner of the system. Marketing generally only spends minutes a week managing the intranet. With the old system in place, it basically required a full-time IT resource”.

Increased Employee Engagement

The Credit Union Intranet also helped in shaping InTouch Credit Union’s corporate culture by utilizing several applications to appreciate and education employees. These include:

Yates was particularly impressed with the Idea Share Exchange, saying:

“The feedback we have gotten through Ideas Share Exchange on InSight has only improved our intranet site and has really engaged employees who have contributed, seeing their ideas in action. Plus, with the simple administration of Intranet Connections, many of the suggestions only take a matter of minutes to implement”.

Learn more about how InTouch Credit Union utilizes these applications and their Credit Union Intranet by reading the full case study here.

Credit Union Intranet Adoption

Although InTouch Credit Union has not come up with a way to accurately measure ROI for their Credit Union Intranet, McCoy says the organization has gained significant efficiency in each department that utilize InSight for their Department Site, online resources and communication. McCoy explained:

“We recognize and know what Intranet Connections has done for our Credit Union and although the impact has not been precisely measured, it has been felt throughout the organization.”

With all the resources employees need located in one central location on InSight, the organization has experienced an 100% intranet adoption rate, and every employee logs on daily to perform their work tasks, stay informed on company news, events and updates.

McCoy sums up his experience working with Intranet Connections saying:

“Working with the Intranet Connections team has been a breath of fresh air. Any questions that we have or problems that have arisen working with Intranet Connections has always been quickly and easily resolved. Honestly, Intranet Connections has been a great partner to work with, we wish all our partners were as good”.

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