Introducing Intranet Insights – Intranet Analytics and Metrics

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Introducing Intranet Insights – Intranet Analytics and Metrics

Summary: We’ve released Intranet Insights, our new Intranet Analytics tool that helps you get big picture HR metrics and analytics with at-a-glance dashboards!

Intranet Connections heard your requests, and listened! Now we have new Intranet Analytics and Metrics for you to track the success and usage of your intranet.
As you know, each major release focuses on one area of the product. Version 13.0 was focused on Search, Version 13.5 focused on policy and procedure management, and this upcoming version focuses on Statistics.
We’d like to thank our customers who participated in our working group for this new release. Your feedback has been critical in helping us to create a truly useful new version of stats.


Benefits of Intranet Analytics:

  • Share dynamic adoption screenshots
  • Find top contributors in your organization
  • View detailed activity log
  • Create secure custom dashboards
  • Get big picture analytics
  • Create effective search terms

Why Statistics?

We reviewed some actual customer questions, which we found were very difficult to answer with the current version of stats.

“I know our staff uses it every day to get their jobs done. Can you recommend how I can use intranet analytics to show success to upper management?”

“Our intranet is available to multiple locations. The main office is using the intranet heavily, but other locations aren’t coming on board as quickly. Can I see intranet activity by a particular department or location so I can make improvements?”

“How can I tell if staff is effectively finding what they need using search? Is there a way to tell if users are searching for something missing from the intranet?”

New Stats Design Philosophy

We designed the new intranet analytics not only to present information but to help you solve problems.
To do so, we designed stats with 3 different roles in mind:

    • Intranet Owner: the primary stakeholder of the intranet who reports to upper management and delegates resources. A key struggle is that most of the daily intranet usage is invisible to upper management, so it’s hard to communicate how strategic the intranet actually is. Often they spend time in Excel trying to massage very technical statistics into a format that management can easily understand.
    • Intranet Manager: the primary intranet administrator responsible for ensuring staff can easily find what they need on the intranet. They make decisions on how content is organized, what items are linked in menus, and rely on stats to provide feedback. In this sense, they need to make it as easy as possible for staff to “pull” the information they need from the intranet, which could be through home page promotion, menu links, or search.
    • HR/Communications Manager: ensures staff are kept up to date on the latest company announcements. Unlike the intranet manager, they are primarily focused on “pushing” content to staff. Their key challenge is ensuring important announcements are reaching staff, and need a way to measure the reach of the intranet across the organization as a communication tool.
      We kept these 3 roles in mind when creating the new intranet analytics; Intranet Insights.

The key areas we highlight in our sneak peek webinar are:

1. The Main Dashboard

The Main Dashboard shows at a glance information on how well your intranet is doing. This dashboard is really geared to the intranet owner, who needs to be able to track the overall intranet health and have key performance indicators, or KPIs they can present to upper management. The goal here was to summarize how well the intranet is doing, in terms, someone from a non-technical background can understand.

2. Top Applications

The preview of Top Applications reflects the key tools on your intranet and the way in which you use it. It will display:

  • Top applications
  • Least used applications
  • Top content
  • Stale Content

This section is very helpful for HR or Marketing departments as it lets you measure the reach of your intranet as an intranet communication tool. By reviewing the success of a variety of applications you can determine which is the best method for your organization to reach your employees. For instance; which applications will work best to achieve optimal engagement such as homepage promotion, quick polls or blog posts.

3. Missed Searches

allows you to optimize the search-ability of your documents and content on your intranet by providing what people are searching and the success of finding the appropriate document. By using Missed Searches, you can tailor the naming of content accordingly to ensure staff has everything they need at their fingertips. For example; if employees are searching for an HR Policy but it’s listed under Human Resources Policy, Missed Searches will show the misalignment in messaging and allow you to promptly fix it.

TIP: Missed searches are those which have the lowest click-through rate. A click through is when a user selects at least one result from the search results after searching.

Do you need Intranet Analytics for your organization?
Would your department benefit from having Intranet Analytics at your organization? Watch the recorded webinar below and leave a comment!

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About the Author:

Neil has been involved in the technology industry for 15 years, with experience in information security, e-commerce, and document workflow solutions. He has a Computer Science degree from UBC, and an MBA from SFU. Key achievements include growing CE-Infosys’ presence in Singapore, and helping build and launch Shopster.com. Neil has extensive experience as a software developer, business analyst, and manager in growing technology companies. As a creative thinker, Neil is focused on delivering on impactful, but simple to use solutions as product manager for Intranet Connections.


  1. Matthew April 11, 2017 at 1:15 am - Reply

    Absolutely true, when managers ask us about Intranet ROI, we always back to Analytics question.
    And Google Analytics, helps Directors and HR specialists to always monitor employees’ engagement better than our own analysis can manage it.

  2. Karolina January 2, 2018 at 1:57 am - Reply

    Hi, I must say it’s a great content. I like your practical approach. And the questions you’ve got from the customers, that’s a true proof of concept that the intranet analytics is simply needed.

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