Who Wants a More Scalable Intranet Menu?

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Who Wants a More Scalable Intranet Menu?

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Information architecture (IA) can pose a challenge when designing any navigational structure. Top-level menu systems are often comprised of single drop down menus with limited labels and lack of creative terminology. When it comes to a perception toward ease-of-use for the intranet, maintaining consistent menu structures that allow for the inevitable growth of content over time is key. If employees find your IA confusing, they will resort to search or often give up.

Merging task-based menu structures with promotional and educational value can increase awareness of popular and critical data, with the added bonus of giving your intranet navigation a major boost in popularity and ease-of-use.  However, finding the necessary real estate within conventional menus is impossible.  To tackle this issue, in our latest release of our Intranet Connections software we’ve added Mega Menu functionality, containing huge benefits for IA durability and usability.

Self-Serve Menus

Mega Menus give you added real estate in your global navigation to expand your IA efforts and boost the number of relevant links to critical information. Grouping these links within headings helps for further clarification and allows you to use more action-based descriptive labels. You can then tie in promotional content, alerts, help tips or chat widgets, creating a highly effective, self-serve, task-based menu for your employees.

Our out-of-the-box Healthcare Intranet Software comes pre-built with an Employee Self-Serve Mega Menu, where employees can quickly access HR payroll and benefits information, fill out a support desk ticket, request time off, register for training classes and pre-order cafeteria meals. We’ve also included a self-assessment survey, pre-constructed with our Form Builder application, as a performance enhancer tool where healthcare staff can evaluate their own performance, skills and attributes. The information is then routed to managers and HR who can use the assessment to help motivate staff to acknowledge gaps and set goals.

healthcare intranet menu

Department Menus

HR and IT are two of the top drivers of intranet content. Both offer staff alerts, information and applications to support employees in their daily tasks and to manage their careers including HR training and career development.

Our Financial Intranet Software comes with a built-in Mega Menu just for HR. This global menu links to popular resources from the HR Site such as medical and dental benefits and help on applying for EI benefits. The Vacation Request Calendar is represented here in a widget message box, as is tips from the HR Team which rotates HR updates daily. We also chose to feature the HR Manager with a preview of her Employee Directory profile to promote employee engagement. The promotional widgets that can be added to Mega Menus are automated and pull information from various content areas of the intranet without you having to do any work other than simply add the widget, saving you time while keeping your content fresh.

financial intranet menu

Promotional WidgetsCombining menu links with promotional (or educational) widgets is a great way to use the broad canvas that mega menus offer in your intranet navigation.Intranet Connections offers 25 widgets to choose from for your mega menus, many of which have inherent functionality and automation making it easy for you to set criteria and then let the widget activate the data, feeding new and relevant information to your employees all on its own. menu widget build tool

menu widgets

See our Mega Menus in Action

To see our financial or healthcare menus in action or to learn how to build your own Mega Menus, register for a personalized 20-minute demo with our sales team.

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By | 2017-09-15T09:49:32+00:00 January 16, 2014|Best Practices, Finance Intranet, Healthcare Intranet|

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