Why Every Intranet Needs Creative Intranet Pages

Why Every Intranet Needs Creative Intranet Pages

Summary: What is an intranet page? Benefits of creative intranet pages include brand building, employee engagement, effectively managing intranet changes and improving company culture.

Soar above a basic intranet by adding creative touches! Your intranet connects your employees to valuable company resources so it’s important to engage your employees with creative intranet pages. From your intranet’s Home Page to Team Sites, if you give some creative freedom to your intranet admins or department heads, you will see wonderful things happen, such as; brand building, employee engagement, effectively managing changes and encouraging a corporate culture.

What is an Intranet Page?

An intranet page is any screen on your intranet that includes content, applications or widgets. Some key examples would be your intranet’s Home Page, Employee Directory, or Team/Department Sites.

1. Establish Brand Building

Implementing a Brand Building Strategy can be difficult. That being said, from company colors to your iconic logo, your brand is everywhere and the best place to build your brand is from within! Engaging your employees with your brand identity on a day-to-day basis ensures your employees not only recognize your brand, but feel like they are a part of it’s success. There are a few ways to build your brand using creative intranet pages such as; including a logo on your home page and applying your brand’s colors consistently throughout your intranet’s design. This subtle addition to your intranet makes a huge impact. Aside from creative design ideas, it’s also important to apply your brand’s personality to your intranet. From the name of your intranet, to the language used throughout, your brand is uniquely ‘you’ so don’t shy away from being creative in place of basic terminology. For instance; one dog-friendly company changed the title of their Company Intranet Blog to ‘Top Dog Blog’. This highlighted their personality and put a creative spin on a basic intranet application name.

2. Inspire Employee Engagement

Your intranet provides countless resources for your employees, but instead of making your intranet simply a grab-and-go platform, it’s important to engage your employees with creative intranet pages. In the age of technology user-experience is a high priority, and the same priority can be set for your intranet. Employees need to enjoy their time spent on the intranet and that’s where you come in. By applying creative applications to employee touch-points, you can help create a balance between productivity and engagement. Your Home Page is a great place to start as it’s the first place an employee lands when they log-in to your intranet. By adding Photo Gallery’s, Company Announcements, Upcoming Events and perhaps creating a custom theme based on seasonal changes (we changed our company intranet theme for Halloween), your employees will feel updated on the latest events, and excited to see new fun touches throughout.

TIP: Consider making creative enhancements to your Department/Team Sites. These pages are for specific groups so the managers can make more direct customizations for the intended users.

3. Effectively Manage Changes

We recently discussed how making smaller changes vs. one big overhaul to your intranet is important. You don’t want to overwhelm employees with major changes that could throw off their navigation and ultimately provide them with a poor user experience. That being said, providing creative intranet pages throughout your intranet can allow you to make small, fun, changes hand-in-hand with necessary improvements. For instance, you requested feedback from employees on the titles of pages available in the navigation bar. The results were in, and some titles had to be changed to improve employees understanding of certain pages. Since making these title changes may throw off employees navigation experience who had no problem with the pre-existing terminology, you can give a positive spin on the change by adding creative new icons with the new titles. This ‘fun’ addition to a necessary change will help you manage the improvement of your intranet with the positive experience you so desire.

TIP: To ensure productivity doesn’t dip, always be on the look out for improvements to your intranet. Use a Suggestion Box to collect on-going feedback about your intranet, and to gauge interest on suggestions, create a Quick Poll.

4. Improve Company Culture

Your intranet is a great tool to help establish a unique company culture. Creative intranet pages empower and inspire employees to get involved. For instance, Upcoming Events on the home page can advertise a tutorial being hosted by an employee, or company picnic, that employees can mark in their calendars. Employee Milestones provides a conversation starter for employees to congratulate on work anniversaries. And finally, providing Employee Recognition to an employee of the month, or perhaps a shout-out on a Department/Team Site for a project well done. All these intranet applications, and many more, provide the fuel to jumpstart your company culture.

How Can You Get Creative?

The ability to be creative is made easier by adding some go-to customizable intranet applications. Although we provided unique examples above, here are some of our most popular applications that can help you get started:

  • Photo Gallery – browse through past corporate event photos
  • Simple Editor – apply consistent brand colors and add unique navigation icons
  • Suggestion Box – continue collecting feedback and poll to determine popular results
  • Company Announcements – allow employees to quickly update themselves on upcoming initiatives
  • Event Calendar – ensure all employees know what events are on the horizon
  • Birthdays/Milestones – make an online alert and offline experience (cupcakes anyone?)
  • Weather – give your employee’s great user experience by providing a one-stop information hot spot
  • Message Boards – employees can now offer some creative updates (you can add an approval process)
Creative intranet pages offer your employees great user experience and provide many benefits for your company. Have you been creative with your intranet pages? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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