Measure Satisfaction with Online Surveys

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Quickly create Online Surveys to measure employee satisfaction, gauge interest levels, collect data and much more on your Corporate Intranet. Simply enter questions, answer options and format within the easy to use form survey builder. Use the cloning feature to duplicate surveys with common answers, for rapid survey development.

We make it simple to create surveys with no IT-experience required.  Using our friendly front-end interface and simple drag-and-drop functionality, anyone can create simple to more complex surveys in a manner of minutes. Try it out for yourself by requesting a free 21-day Corporate Intranet Software trial.

Online Survey Question Banks

Choose between drop down, radio buttons or checkboxes for each field within your question banks, depending on the types of questions you would like to display to your employees.  Question banks are randomized, so each question appears in a different order each time an employee takes the test, helping to increase the variety of your surveys and enhance the validity of survey results.

Measure Employee Satisfaction with Online Surveys

Customize your Online Survey question banks.

Easily Duplicate Online Surveys

Duplicating Online Surveys & Survey Questions

To increase the speed and simplicity of creating your surveys, we add in the ability to duplicate whole surveys or questions within an Online Survey.   Many questions will have the same answer options, and therefore hitting the copy field option allows you to quickly duplicate a question and then modify it as you wish, rather than typing out the entire question again.

Simple Online Survey Management

We want your Online Surveys to be aesthetically appealing to your employees.  To enhance the look of your surveys we give you flexibility in creating your survey format, including horizontal or vertical answer option layouts, one or multiple columns and section headings which group similar questions together, all easily arranged through the build tool with user friendly drag-and-drop functionality.

Drag-n-drop Online Surveys