Measure Knowledge with Online Tests & Scoring

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Utilize Intranet Connections to create online tests and quizzes on your Corporate Intranet for your employees to check policy understanding and to ensure they have read through required reading material.

Pull in managers, department contacts and supervisors for test submission review, track workflow and keep historical references on all submissions for later review.

Simply create Online Tests and experience automated scoring with randomized test questions by requesting your very own 21-day Corporate Intranet Trial.

Randomized Question Banks

Start with simply adding a question bank, which can be randomized each time an employee takes the test. This promotes validity of answers and reduces the possibility of employees copying answers off other employees.  Your Corporate Intranet also provides the option to allow employees to take the test only once, more than once, or an unlimited number of times.  If employees are allowed to take the test multiple times, randomized question banks remove the ability to simply memorize answers and then fill them in on their re-test.

Randomized Question Banks with Online Tests

Add a question bank to your Online Tests.

online intranet testing

Simply Create Online Tests

Add in your question bank and the questions you’d like to display in that bank, choosing the copy field option to duplicate your question and answer choices and the user-friendly drag and drop functionality to alter the order of your questions as you’d like. Enter a score for each question, a passing score at the bottom and voila – you have a simple user test created in only a few minutes!

Automated Test Scoring

Each question on your test carries a score designated by you at the time the test is created.  Scoring is automated and the employee is shown their score immediately after completing the Online Test.  They can click to take the test again, or view their submitted test with the correct answers, to view the questions they got incorrect and what the correct answers were.  

Online Test with Automated Scoring

Automatically score Online tests in real-time.