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Quickly receive employee feedback or input with Quick Polls. You can create a one question survey to allow employees to weigh-in on issues and questions with just one click of a mouse. Need employee input on where the next corporate event should take place? Create a Quick Poll asking for ideas and display it on any page within your Corporate Intranet.

Quick Polls allows you to get answers to questions fast. Whether it be what group Halloween costume you should be, or what time is the best time to hold the weekly goals meeting, Quick Polls offers the quickest way to get answers. Once your Quick Poll is no longer relevant, you can set it to expire and it won’t appear on your site anymore. See Quick Polls in action by requesting a FREE Guided Tour of our Corporate Intranet.

Post one-question Quick Polls to your Corporate Intranet.

Get Answers On-The-Fly

When you need employee feedback quickly and don’t have time to conduct a full Online Survey, Quick Polls is a great way to get answers instantly. You can create a Quick Poll for almost anything, the options are endless! You can create a quick one-question poll and display it anywhere on your Corporate Intranet, giving employees the ability to quickly answer as they work.

Instantly See Results

Quick Polls instantly displays results in real-time so you can get a visual of which answers are favored. This is especially helpful for on-the-fly questions that require answers quickly. You can simply glance at the Quick Poll and see which answers performed best. This also helps you take quicker action on whatever it is your Quick Poll was about.

Engage Employees with Quick Polls

Advertise Quick Polls on your Home Page

Display Quick Polls on your home page.

Advertise Quick Polls

If you need all employees to answer the poll, advertise Quick Polls to your intranet home page to ensure all employees see it when they log onto your Corporate Intranet. Alternatively, if you only need specific employees to answer the poll, you can display it only on certain Department Sites. Turning advertising “on” allows you to post the Quick Poll front and center so that it doesn’t get missed by any employees.